Chiropractic. At Home.

The most convenient way to see a chiropractor.

Let us guess...

Image by Sasun Bughdaryan
  • You've got back pain, neck pain, or headaches and know you need help, but don't know where to turn

  • You're so busy juggling work, the kids, and everything else in your life that making self-care a priority feels impossible

  • You've seen another provider, but they want to charge you an arm, leg, and your first born child in exchange for care


Or, maybe you're just tired of spending money on gas to go see someone...

Sound familiar?

We thought so.

We get it.


And that's why we come to you... To make your life easier.


Ready to feel your best?

  • Initial exam ($100 value)

  • Comprehensive care plan and education on your condition ($70 value)

  • Adjustment ($55 value)

  • Travel fee ($15 value)
  • Muscle scraping and other soft tissue work ($40 value)*
  • Option: exercise therapy ($40 value)*

$240-$320 value for just $125 for your initial appointment!

$110-150 value for just $70 for follow up visits!

Ready to start prioritizing self-care?

*on a case-by-case basis depending on necessity and contraindications

Meet Dr. Nick & Dr. Erica

Dr. Nick and Dr. Erica founded Axon Health in the midst of the pandemic. The demand for providers to travel to patients increased, and they met the need. Now, patients recognize the value of the convenience of a mobile chiropractor. When combined with high-quality chiropractic care, the service cannot be beat.


Dr. Erica has been amazing! Compared to other chiropractors I have tried, she doesn't just do the adjustment and leave. She works with you and tries to help find a solution to ensure that I get what I need. I highly recommend Axon Health for your chiropractic needs.


If I could give them 6 stars I would. The fact that they are mobile and can just come to your home or work is 5 stars right there.
But Drs. Nick and Erica are both amazing and unlike any other chiropractor! They spend more then 10 minutes with their clients and focus on long term fixes vs. short term pain relief. Would recommend any day, all day. I will be using axon for the remainder of my life.
P. S. They also have a mobile massage therapist… do I even need to say more..? She’s amazing. Just book it!


Dr. Nick is amazing! He helped my teenage son with his back pain. After years of pain and going through physical therapy and other treatments; he is finally without pain and has the tools to make sure the pain doesn't return. Nick is very knowledgeable and gives each patient individualized treatment. My son is a growing athlete and is now able to see the importance of strength and conditioning as a key factor to staying pain free. Thank you, I am so grateful for you!