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a mobile personal trainer doing an ab exercise with his client at her home
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Personal Training.
At Home.

The easiest way to stay consistent with your health & fitness goals.

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Let us guess...

  • Between work, the kids, and everything else you have going on, you struggle to make time for yourself... let alone get to the gym

  • Despite your best efforts, the gym always seems to come last on your priority list

  • You are tired of making the same health and fitness goals every year

  • You want to start a fitness regimen, but have no idea where to start

Sound familiar?

We thought so.

We've been there.


And that's why we come to you. To make your life easier.

Whether you have an at-home gym or not, it doesn't matter! We bring everything you need to you!

a runner running on the road towards mountains

Ready to finally
hit your
fitness goals?

Packages include:

  • 1-on-1 Training that comes to you! ($150/session value)

  • Personalized Training Programming - includes independent workouts ($300/month value)

  • Nutrition Support and Coaching ($200/month value)

  • Accountability Check-ins ($150/month value)

Value of $1250/month* starting at just $450/month!

Ready to start prioritizing your health?

*priced for 1x/week 1-on-1 training

*option for 2x/week 1-on-1 training is valued at $1850/month, packages starting at $700/month



We offer packages that include either one or two in-home training sessions per week, plus programming for self-directed training at home, accountability calls, and nutrition coaching. The pricing below is based on a 1x/week in-person session. Level of package is dependent on the length of your commitment.

Gold Packages

Gold members commit themselves to a 12-month life transformation. This package starts at $450/month and offers a savings of $600/year.

Silver Packages

Silver members commit to a 6-month body transformation. This package starts at $475/month and offers a savings of $300/year.

Bronze Packages

Bronze members commit themselves to a 3-month habit transformation. This package starts at $500/month.

Phil Harding, a mobile personal trainer in Colorado Springs

Meet Phil.

Phil is Axon Health's mobile personal trainer.

Phil grew up in Jurupa Valley, CA. He spent most of his youth playing sports and running around the neighborhood. Physical activity and playing outside was the norm.

He went to school for design and animation, worked in the tech industry for over 20 years, and then realized what really mattered to him: health and fitness. Once married and becoming a father at 40, he turned his focus on ways to enhance life and increase energy, with his health being top priority for longevity and setting a good example for his daughter.

Phil got certified as a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Realizing that our health and wellness encompasses everything in life. He now thrives on constant expansion of knowledge to help improve and support others in creating a healthier and more active lifestyle for themselves.

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