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Us and Our Philosophy

O U R  A P P R O A C H

Health, Movement, Wellbeing

At Axon Health, we believe that every patient is unique, and their treatment should reflect that. Whether your goal is to get out of pain, climb the Manitou Incline, or simply be able to play with your kids, we recognize that each patient has a different goal, a different complaint, a different cause of that complaint, and a different lifestyle.  We take all factors into account when it comes to your treatment plan.


Health is not a straight-forward system. It has many factors that influence it. We incorporate adjustments, nutrition recommendations, exercise and rehab, soft tissue treatment, and psychological factors when approaching your health because all of these factors play a role in wellbeing.


T H E  C O N V E N I E N C E  F A C T O R


Axon Health is 100% mobile. We have the ability to conveniently treat you out of the comfort of your home or office - or wherever you're at.

While this idea was born out of necessity with the COVID-19 pandemic, the benefit reaches beyond providing a service for those trying to stay at home. Mobile chiropractic is great for the ultra-busy. It's great for the families where getting everyone out the door feels like an olympic event. It's great for the people who are in so much pain that leaving the house is an added stressor. We come to you, all in attempt to simplify your life.