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Massage. At Home.

The most convenient way to get a massage.

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Let us guess...

  • Between work, the kids, and everything else you have going on, you struggle to make time for yourself

  • You have nagging neck pain, back pain, or headaches that you know needs to be treated, but you don't have the time

  • You can't remember the last time you practiced self-care

  • Asking your partner to give you massage is rarely effective


Or... maybe you do practice self care, but you always have to drive across town to get there?

Sound familiar?

We thought so.

We've been there.


And that's why we come to you. To make your life easier.

a mobile massage therapist massaging a patient's neck in the patient's living room

Ready to feel your best?

Herbal Oils
  • 60-minute massage ($100 value)*

  • Concierge Travel Fee ($20 value)**

  • Essential oil aromatherapy ($15 value)
  • Cupping ($30 value)
  • Gua Sha ($30 value)
  • Complimentary epsom salts ($10 value)

$145-$195 value for just $125!

Ready to start prioritizing self-care?

*90 -minute massage ($135 value)

**Flat travel fee within our service areas of Colorado Springs, Monument, Peyton, Falcon, Fountain, and Manitou Springs - outside of these areas, please contact for information on travel fees

Maria Bonilla, mobile massage therapist in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Meet Maria.

Maria is Axon Health's mobile massage therapist. She specializes in deep tissue and corrective massage, and uses techniques like cupping, Gua Sha, trigger point therapy, and more! She has a passion for helping people move and feel better, and her clients love her for it!


"After being in an accident, my neck has been very tight. Maria's massage has helped to loosen it up so much! I feel so much better!"


"I used to run marathons a lot and so, I've received a lot of sports massages. Maria's massage was the best sports massage I've ever had!"


"My shoulder has bothered me a lot. While I normally ask for relaxing massages, I knew I needed something more for my complaint. I told her and she did the work that my shoulder needed and I felt so much better afterwards!"
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