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The Role of Mobile Massage Therapists in Stress Management

Stress: it affects us all. There’s not enough time in the day. We’re expected to work our regular job, meet deadlines, cook a healthy meal for the family, drive kids to school, drive kids to soccer practice, go grocery shopping, pay our bills, exercise, walk the dogs, and somehow make time for ourselves. It’s stressful.

And then when you don’t have the time for yourself, we stress about that! It’s stress on top of stress.

Anyone who has had a massage before knows it can play a huge role in decreasing your stress levels. The feeling you get after walking out of a massage can be euphoric. Not only have you taken 60 or 90 minutes to allow yourself some “you time”, but you feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders… literally. Your head feels lighter.

Massage therapy helps improve circulation, decrease muscle tension, slow your heart rate, improve your sleep, and decrease pain. All of these help with decreasing our perceived stress.

So you get out of your massage, feel great, and you think to yourself, “I wish I had the time to do this more often”.

But here’s the problem: between the time constraints of your schedule and the commute time of getting to the massage therapist’s office, you’re having to take a couple hours out of your day to get it done. So once again, you’re struggling to find the time.

The other problem of going to the massage therapist’s office? Once you’re feeling euphoric and get into your car, you start driving home and someone inevitably cuts you off… throwing that feeling right out the window. Cue the stress response. (This can’t just be my experience, right?)

So what’s the solution?

Enter: Mobile Massage Therapy.

mobile massage therapist taking her massage table out of the trunk of her car

Having a massage therapist come to your home can be a game-changer. You still get the decreased levels of stress, plus it saves you the commute time, your gas, can be done over your WFH lunch-break, and means you don’t have to get out of your pajamas to drive to your appointment. (It also means you won’t be cut off by someone during your commute home - my favorite benefit).

Using a mobile massage therapist is the most convenient way to get a massage. It will save you time and make it easier to fit into your busy schedule - decreasing your stress levels even further.

If you’ve been struggling to fit self-care into your schedule, let us know! That’s why we exist. Our mobile massage therapist is ready to help!

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