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What to Expect During Your First Visit With Your Mobile Chiropractor

Q: "So how does this work..? Do you just show up at our house with a table..?"
A: "Yup"

Many people are curious about the process of using a mobile chiropractor. They don’t know how it works or how it’ll go. If this is you, keep reading!

mobile chiropractor setting up their mobile table

First, in order to book your appointment, you can conveniently do this online or by calling us. If you call us, our assistant will be able to answer any questions you may have! Otherwise, keep reading because your question might be answered here.

Next, you'll receive some emails from our patient portal - one of which will prompt you to fill out your online intake forms. Make sure to do this! This helps your provider an idea of what's going on ahead of time, making it a smoother first appointment.

On the day of your visit, your chiropractor will arrive at your scheduled time with all of their necessary equipment. They'll the ask where you'd like them to set up. Once everything is set, they'll start by asking you more questions about any painful complaints you would like addressed.

chiropractor asking patient questions about their complaint

Next, they'll dive a little deeper into your health history. We've been asked why this is necessary, and the answer is simple: pain can be caused by many different things, some being life threatening. It's our job to make sure we rule out the scary stuff first! We need to know your health history so we can make sure that your pain is being caused by something that we can treat... and if it's not, we need to get you to a provider who can!

This is when your chiropractor will start doing their exam. There are two reasons for the physical exam. The first is that it helps us determine the cause of your pain. The second is that it helps us determine if this is a chiropractic case.

chiropractor doing an exam on a patient

After the exam is complete and your chiropractor has determined it's safe to continue with chiropractic care, we will start treatment that day! If we're not convinced about the safety of care, we'll either refer you for further testing (such as x-rays) or refer you to another professional.

At the very end of your visit, your chiropractor will explain to you how they'd like to move forward with your treatment. This will include things like how often they'd like to see you, and perhaps some at-home care.

Still have questions about your first visit experience? Click here to contact us!


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