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We help busy people take care of their bodies by bringing chiropractors &  massage therapists to them.

Mobile Health Services

About Axon

Axon Health was designed to bring chiropractic care and massage therapy to you. It's how busy people treat their pain and prioritize self-care. No more waiting rooms. No more commute time. Just high-quality care in the comfort of your home, because health starts at home. Click the video to see what it's like having a provider come to you.

Click here to see our current service areas.


Our Patients Have Been Able To...

Say Goodbye To:

👋 Commute time

👋 Wasted gas

👋 Waiting rooms

👋 Long & expensive care plans

👋 Pain while they work

👋 Pain when they play

👋 Pain when they spend time with family

And They've Been Able to Say Hello To...

🤩 More productivity in their day

🤩 More time with their families

🤩 Being able to play with their kids or grandkids

🤩 Getting back to their hobbies and sports

🤩 Providers that treat them like a person, not a number

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Patient Care

At Axon Health, we understand that there is more to a person than just their pain. Our treatment system involves addressing several areas of your life that may be contributing to your complaints. Our goal is to get you out of pain, and simultaneously improve your quality of life. Click the link below to learn more about our treatment approach and prices.

Axon Health Logo

Workplace Wellness

If you're looking to show your employees that you care about their health, a workplace wellness plan might be perfect for you.

Workplace wellness plans have been shown to increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, improve employee satisfaction, and more! It can also be a cheaper alternative to providing full health insurance benefits to employees.

What Patients Say

"This is the first time our family has had a mobile/in-home chiropractor and the experience has been phenomenal. We have been getting regular chiropractic for years as a family and this is hands down the best chiropractic experience ever! We appreciate Dr. Nick so much and everything he has done for our family! Our kids definitely vote him as the best chiropractor ever!"



In 2023, our Colorado Springs location was voted Best of the Springs for Best In-Home Care Provider, Best Massage Therapist, and Best Holistic Pain Management! We were recently voted Best Chiropractor and Best In-Home Care Provider again in 2024!

Thank you for your continued support!

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