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Seeing a Chiropractor When Pregnant

Back pain while pregnant is an extremely common symptom. But, just because it's common, doesn't mean you have to experience it all the time.

daughter kissing mother's pregnant belly

First, let's talk about why your back starts to hurt. The increasing weight of your belly causes your pelvis to tilt forward. When this happens, it can increase the pressure on your facet joints - joints in your back that allow for movement between the vertebrae. The irritation of these joints can be uncomfortable, and even refer pain to other areas of the body such as the glutes and leg.

irritated facet joints in the lumbar spine

Luckily, the chiropractic adjustment targets these facet joints, relieving pressure and decreasing pain.

So, chiropractic care can help with back pain during pregnancy. But are there other reasons to see a chiropractor during pregnancy?

There sure are.

As a pregnancy continues, a hormone called "relaxin" is released from the ovaries and placenta. This hormone helps to relax the ligaments in the mother's body to allow for more movement of the pelvis as the baby grows larger. However, it's important to make sure that the joints in the pelvis and low back are moving properly as this is happening. This is where chiropractic comes in. If these joints aren't moving properly, it can result in pain, compensation patterns, and sometimes affect the baby's ability to move around. The adjustment restores proper motion to these joints.

Are there reasons to see a chiropractor postpartum?


It's common for chiropractors to see a mother postpartum for pain and discomfort related to breastfeeding. Neck and upper back pain is a common issue related to this part of motherhood - and it's another complaint that chiropractic can help with.

Our Axon Health chiropractors have helped many pregnant and postpartum mothers navigate their complaints - all in the comfort of their own home. It's common that mothers of multiples are looking for convenient options that don't involve taking their children to their appointments. If this sounds like you, we're here to help! Click here to book your first visit!


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