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Top 3 Benefits to Using a Mobile Provider

Have you ever considered using a mobile health care provider before? There are quite a few benefits to having a provider treat you in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the top 3:

1. Convenience:

An increasing difficulty today is that people struggle with time. There's never enough of it. There’s an expectation that we need to do the laundry, grocery shop, clean the house, cook, feed our kids, clothe our kids, drive our kids to-and-from activities, work at least 8 hours per day, and somehow take care of ourselves? Finding ways to fit in self-care activities like lifting weights, yoga, meditation, going for a run, getting a massage, or treating our pain can feel impossible.

That’s where we come in.

When your provider comes to you, it’s a lot easier to fit treatment and self-care into your schedule. You don’t need to wrangle up the kids to head out the door. You don’t need to calculate commute time. You don’t need to use gas. You don’t even need to leave the office if you don’t want to. Mobile providers make self-care easier by coming to your home or office.

2. Higher-Quality Care:

When your provider comes to your home, it gives us a deeper insight into your life. Most times, lifestyle factors play a role in the pain you’re experiencing. Whether it’s a stressful home life, dietary factors, smoking, or how you’re sitting at your desk, when we see how you live, it’s easier for us to make an effective care plan to get you feeling better. Additionally, having the provider on the patient's turf often makes patients feel more comfortable during assessments and treatment.

3. Decrease the difficulty of commuting:

This can be paired with the "convenience" factor, but I’m really talking to the following people: people with disabilities and people who are in severe pain.

We’ve had several patients whose disabilities make it a difficult expedition to get them to their appointments. By the time they finally get home, they’re often exhausted for the rest of the day. When the provider comes to you, it eliminates the time commitment and can decrease the associated exhaustion.

For those in severe pain, just trying to get in your car can be excruciating. There’s no need to experience this when the provider can come to you.


Have you ever used a mobile provider? What type? A mobile chiropractor? Mobile massage therapist? Perhaps a mobile physical therapist. Let us know in the comments!

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